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I ordered a few key chains from them back in August and they charged my credit card. I have contacted them several times, they have responded with lame excuses and they keep telling me to "expect your order soon".

Here we are in November, and I still don't have my product. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I HAVE REQUESTED A FULL REFUND AND TOLD THEM I WOULD PUT THIS OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA THAT THEY ARE A VERY BAD COMPANY AND DO NOT PATRONIZE THEM!!!!!!! The first response I got when I asked for status was that all items are hand made, so it would take awhile!

Second response, after I checked the site for tracking status, it couldn't find my order number, they responded and said "so very sorry, your order must have fallen through the cracks, please accept this 15% offer off on your next order and please expect your order soon. Next time they responded and said they had more orders than they had anticipated and they were working very hard to fill orders...THEN WHY DID YOU TAKE MY MONEY FIRST BEFORE FILLING MY ORDER???? Once again they offered 15% off and said they would waive the shipping fees on my order...then asked, would you like me to take your order for the 15% off? I asked, are you kidding me?

Fill my original order and let's be done! I contacted them again, the other day, didn't hear anything back. I just contacted them again (11/5) and got a remote response saying they will get back to me, but includes a step by step list saying from order to shipment it would take 15 days....I don't know who is doing the counting...but maybe they need to go back to school!!! I'm ticked!!!

Today is 11/7, I have posted on their Facebook page, and they keep deleting my posts...I've called the phone number, it says their consultants are busy with other customers, leave a message, they will return the call asap.

That was two days ago...I have still not had a response, phone call or email...nor have I received a refund or my product. I'm disgusted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Brave New Look Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $91.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Brave New Look Cons: Taking my money and getting no product not responsive, Taking my money and getting no product.

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The same thing happened to me! Ordered leggings in December and they never came. Contacted the company over and over and they just responded with *** Just contacted my credit card company to try to get my money back.


I could have written this review word for word myself.... I've had exactly the same responses in exactly the same order as this customer.

I ordered in August, started asking questions after about 4 weeks and all the replies were exactly the same as this. It is now December and I am still waiting for a refund (but not holding my breath!!) All my e-mails are now being ignored.

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